The Future of Global Mobility and Assignee Engagement


Panel discussion

  • Have the challenges of the past year given us an opportunity to re-evaluate and redesign mobility?
  • Working patterns have dramatically changed during the Covid pandemic, so how can organizations meet altered expectations, continue to improve diversity and inclusion and serve the needs of the business?
  • Should the Australian bushfires and similar environmental challenges around the world make us look more closely at sustainability within mobility?
  • Are your global mobility policies the right fit for your corporate culture – and for a changed world? Will they attract the talent that global business demands?
  • What does the future hold for talent development? Are we likely to see greater protectionism in terms of immigration and tax regulations affecting mobility?
  • How has the definition of ‘Duty of Care changed? And how can you use the experiences of the past year or so to manage risk in all its forms: from compliance, to health and security, financial to reputational?
  • Can technology enable better relocation and assignment decisions and experiences – or is the ‘human touch’ more important than ever?

Global Talent Mobility Manager
Associate Director International Assignment Services
Capgemini Australia Pty Limited
Principal Advisor for Global Mobility
Rio Tinto
General Manager, Global Security Services
World Travel Protection