Dr. Myles Druckman
Dr. Myles Druckman
Group Medical Director
International SOS

Dr. Myles Druckman is the Group Medical Director at International SOS, and is well known as an author, media resource and thought leader in International corporate health, Workforce risk management and Global Health Security. Dr. Druckman has been with International SOS for over 20 years, spending 10 years working in Russia and China. Dr. Druckman is now based in Los Angeles, where he develops new technologies and services as part of his health innovation role. In addition, he provides guidance and support to North America-based organizations on managing global health risks. Dr. Druckman is also co-chairman of the non-profit International Corporate Health Leadership Council, and is an alumni of World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow Network.

Email: myles.druckman@internationalsos.com
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