Panel Discussion: Technology – is this the future of working?


Panel discussion

Technology has become a lifeline for businesses in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic – not only enabling many employees to carry on working, but also empowering companies to keep in touch with their people across the globe, to help keep them safe – and perhaps most importantly, facilitating vital social contact across borders and time zones. But how will this experience affect the way we work when we come out of lockdown?

• Is ‘going into the office’ really necessary anymore?

• What effect has working from home had on productivity?

• Are organizations able to effectively track work being carried out – and learning from the spot-check contact-tracing in the APAC regions, do they have the means to track for potential immigration tax and social security liabilities?

• What can we learn from this experience in terms of supporting assignees’ physical and mental health? How successful have communications been in this sphere?

• How will the effects of Covid-19 impact on Global Mobility itself and what does GM need from technology to be able work smarter in the future? 

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